Peter Myers for Congress

I'm Peter Myers, the Green Party candidate for the 15th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Congress. On this blog, you can read about the campaign and the issues, and offer me feedback as well. I hope you enjoy reading the blog, and I hope you'll join the campaign for change.

Friday, February 29, 2008

The Three Trillion Dollar War

Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel-winning economist, has written a book, along with Linda Bilmes, looking at the true cost of the Iraq war. He's interviewed here in the Guardian. To permanently borrow the phrase from Andrew Sullivan, here's the money quote:

Combined with the war, whoever inherits the White House faces a crisis of epic proportions. Where do they go from here? "The way that shapes the debate," says Stiglitz, "is that Americans have to say, 'Even if we stay for another two years, just two years, and we're spending $12bn a month up front in Iraq, and it's costing us another 50% in healthcare, disability, bringing it up to $18bn a month in Iraq, and you look at that in another 24 months, we're talking about half a trillion dollars more for two years - forgetting about the economic cost, the ancillary costs, the social costs - just looking at the budgetary cost - not including the interest - you have to say, is this the way we want to spend a half a trillion dollars? Will it make America stronger? Will it make the Middle East safer? Is this the way we want to spend it?"

The answer to Stiglitz's four rhetorical questions is a resounding no, and it applies to the U.S. military's situation in many more places than just Iraq.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

February Update

Greetings from the Campbell office, where we had a great first month of the campaign. We raised over $600 and gathered dozens of the signatures required to get on the ballot. But this is just the beginning. Our fundraising goal for February is $2,000, and we need to finish gathering 250 signatures in order to get on the ballot. More on that in a minute.

I'm happy to announce the addition of Ben Rubin as the campaign's online media coordinator. Ben has experience working on Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign, and has already been instrumental in the campaign. Part of his work has been to create a new cause on Facebook called "Peter Myers for Congress" and a Peter Myers political candidate, to whom you can join in support, just as you would for your favorite presidential candidate. I encourage you to search for both the cause and the candidate profile on Facebook, support both, and tell your friends.

If you are registered as something other than a Green, Tuesday, November 5 is the last day that it makes sense to stay that way. After the primary, you can change your registration to Green and support my campaign. If you live in the 15th district, you can meet me at any time, fill out a new voter registration form as a Green, and then sign the petition to put me on the ballot. E-mail me at or call me at 408-242-4212 to arrange the best time for you. We need those signatures in the next two weeks, so don't delay.

After you celebrate your right to vote on Tuesday, celebrate what the Beastie Boys would call your right to party. Join me at my apartment in Campbell starting at 7 p.m. to watch the results come in while surrounded by like-minded people. It's also a great time to switch your registration and sign the petition. Campaign contributions of any amount are highly encouraged. E-mail or call me to RSVP and get directions to my apartment.

It's not too early to start volunteering. We need people to spread the word, especially at college and community college campuses around the area. We also need people to spread the word on the internet, both through blogging and Facebook. E-mail or call me to discuss which is the best way for you to help.

The state of our campaign is growing, and it will continue to grow. See you on Tuesday, and don't forget to vote.