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I'm Peter Myers, the Green Party candidate for the 15th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Congress. On this blog, you can read about the campaign and the issues, and offer me feedback as well. I hope you enjoy reading the blog, and I hope you'll join the campaign for change.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Meeting with the Greens, and our first contributions

Tonight I went to the Green Party of Santa Clara County's monthly meeting, held at the Peace Center in San Jose on the first Thursday of every month. At the beginning of the meeting, I took 10 minutes out of the agenda to update everyone on my campaign's progress and to talk about my platform. They had some suggestions for me, and they also gave me my first campaign contributions; the campaign is now $83 in the black. It's a start, and hopefully there will be a whole lot more support where that came from.

I also registered two more people today, both as Greens. That brings our total registration numbers up to four people. Once again, not numbers to brag about yet, but the key word there is "yet".


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